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2 Integrating Autodist

Integrating Autodist into existing software project can be a very simple task or a fairly complicated task. It depends on the size and complexity of the software project. Generally speaking, integrating Autodist into software project is fairly straightforward process:

1. The distributions directory and 'default' distribution are created

2. The '' is created

3. If needed, '' file(s) are created

After this the Autodist can already be used to prepare the source tree for configuration and compilation (see Preparing source tree). Adding a new distribution would then allow the actual distribution packaging also.

If the software project has had own ad-hoc distribution system already in place, it may take some work to move from that system into the Autodist. If there are multiple applications and distributions created from the source tree, the distributions and distribution defines for them need to be created. While this may be unthankful job, it only needs to be done once.

Integrating Autodist into a new software project is a very simple task as renaming '' and possibly '' files are not required, as they may not exist yet.