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2.1 Creating distributions directory

The distributions directory is 'distdir', which is expected to be located in the root of the source tree. This directory will hold all the distribution files, and the Autodist configuration file 'autodist.conf' (see autodist.conf). If this directory does not exist it can be created with the Autodist.

       autodist -i

This will create the 'distdir' and copy the default 'autodist.conf' configuration file and the 'default' distribution into the directory. The 'default' distribution will be used by default by the Autodist unless other distribution is specified.

After this the Autodist has effectively been integrated into the software project. However, usually after this, one would create new distributions, the '' and possibly '' file(s). Without '' file a distribution package cannot be created. However, even without '' file the source tree can be prepared for configuration and compilation (see Preparing source tree).