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3 Invoking Autodist

The Autodist has two basic functions:

1. Preparing source tree for configuration and compilation (see Preparing source tree)

2. Creating distribution packages (see Creating distribution)

The 'autodist' accepts the following options:

Prints the help for the Autodist and exits.
Prints version number and exits.
Verbosely report processing.
`--distdir <dir>'
Search distributions from <dir> instead of default 'distdir'.
`--distdefs [<dist>]'
Prints distribution defines of <dist> and exits.
Initializes Autodist environment. Creates the default distribution directory 'distdir', 'autodist.conf' configuration file and the default distribution 'default', then exits.
`--process <type> <src> <dst>'
Process file <src> into <dst> for distribution, <type> is 'makefile', 'configure', 'non-source' or 'source' and defines the type of <src>, then exits.
Creates and packages distribution
Create package compressed with gzip (default)
Create also package compressed with bzip2
Create also package compressed with compress
Create also package compressed with zip